Where Is Minskoff Theatre Located?

What musical is currently running at the Minskoff Theatre in New York?

It is currently home to the musical The Lion King, based on the 1994 animated film of the same name. The 1,621-seat venue, designed by architects Kahn and Jacobs, is on the third floor of One Astor Plaza, an office tower constructed on the site of the Astor Hotel.

When was Minskoff Theatre built?

Designed in 1973 by the architecture firm of Kahn and Jacobs, the theater is named after Sam Minskoff and Sons, builders and owners of the building. Designed in 1973 by the architecture firm of Kahn and Jacobs, the theater is named after Sam Minskoff and Sons, builders and owners of the building.

Where is the Lion King playing in Manhattan?

The Minskoff has 1,696 seats and is one of The Nederlander Organization’s nine Broadway theatres. The Lion King is currently playing at the Minskoff Theatre.

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How many seats are in the Minskoff Theatre?

The Minskoff Theatre’s 1,621 seating capacity is spread across the stage-level Orchestra and balcony-level Mezzanine. The best views of the stage can be found in the front and middle rows of the Center Orchestra, or from row A of the Mezzanine for those preferring an elevated position.

Are there bad seats for The Lion King?

While most seats in the Minskoff Theatre offer good to great views of the stage, the sound desk can offer minor obstruction for the middle seats in the last three rows of Center Orchestra. Also, try to avoid seats on the edge and back of the Orchestra due to the angling.

How long is The Lion King Broadway show?

2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission.

What state is Bradley Simba from?

Playing the coveted role of Simba has been a dream come true for the young native of Pinehurst, North Carolina, who shares his Lion King memories and current daily routine with Broadway Direct. I was 15 years old when I saw The Lion King on Broadway, on a trip to New York with my high school choir.

How should I dress for a Broadway show?

Both formal and informal clothing is accepted. From casual t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops to a cocktail dress or tuxedo, the spectrum of style formality is so wide that there is no specific dress code.

How much does it cost to see Lion King on Broadway?

Standard ticket prices for “The Lion King” and other Broadway musicals range from around $80 to around $140.

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Is Lion King a musical?

Musical information The Lion King is a musical based on the 1994 Disney animated feature film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice along with the musical score created by Hans Zimmer with choral arrangements by Lebo M.

Where is the best place to sit for the Lion King?

The best seats are central and towards the front. The balcony view seats span from row A to P (omitting rows I and O) and are divided into three blocks. The Royal Circle is an ideal choice for seating for The Lion King with families as all rows are amply raked with two steps between each.

What is the last row in the center orchestra section?

Orchestra rows start with ‘A’ closest to the stage and ‘T’ is the last row in the Orchestra. In the Front Mezzanine, rows are lettered A-D, and in the Back Mezzanine, rows are lettered E-L on Right and Left, and E-K in the Center sections.

What is the running time for the Disney Broadway production of Aladdin?

Show Information 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission. ALADDIN is intended for guests 6 and up. Children under the age of 4 will not be admitted. All guests must have a ticket.

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