Readers ask: Where Is The Lowry Theatre In Manchester?

How many Theatres are in the Lowry?

At the core of the complex are two theatres and a drama studio.

Where is the Lowry Gallery in the UK?

Our Venue. Situated on the waterfront in MediacityUK we are really easy to get to from Manchester City Centre either via bus or tram with parking available in the Lowry Outlet Mall.

How do I get to the Lowry?

Use the Eccles line and the MediaCityUK line. Trams from Manchester city centre take approximately 15 minutes. Eccles line: alight at Harbour City stop and walk for approximately 10 minutes. MediacityUK line: alight at MediacityUK stop and walk for approximately 5 minutes.

Is the Lowry museum free?

Entrance to the gallery is free, although as others have said they like you to donate something.

Can you swim in Salford Quays?

Be safe. Unsupervised swimming in the Quays and jumping from bridges is prohibited and not allowed for your safety. No matter how hot the weather, open water in Salford Quays is cold. The risk of drowning through cold water shock is real.

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How deep are the Salford Quays?

For all of the hundreds of millions poured in to redeveloping Salford’s waters, I couldn’t help thinking of the grubby old Ship Canal nearby and all the nastiness that may be festering at the bottom of the six-metre deep docks.

Where can I see Lowry paintings in London?

Tate Britain presents a major exhibition of landscapes by the much-loved British painter L.S. Lowry – the first of its kind held by a public institution in London since the artist’s death.

How many pictures did LS Lowry paint?

During his life Lowry made about 1,000 paintings and over 8,000 drawings.

Which Metrolink stop for The Lowry?

The Mediacityuk (Manchester Metrolink) station is the nearest one to The Lowry in Salford.

How far is the Lowry Hotel from train station?

Salford is the nearest station to the Hotel,however Victoria is 5 minutes away by car and Piccadilly is around 10 minutes which are the two major stations in the city.

What shops are at the Lowry?

Shops at the Quayside MediaCityUK (Lowry Outlet) are:

  • AX Paris – Womenswear.
  • Baggage Factory.
  • Beauty Outlet – Branded cosmetics at discount prices.
  • Belledorm – Bedding, table linen etc.
  • Cadbury Factory Outlet – Chocolates, gifts and Cadbury memorabilia.
  • Chic 2 Chic.
  • Claire’s – Fashion accessories for women and girls.

Can I return tickets to The Lowry?

The Lowry: Terms and Conditions Tickets can be refunded or exchanged up to 24 hours before the performance for reasons highlighted above. Ticket Insurance is non-refundable.

Is the Lowry exhibition open?

Opening Times Tues-Fri (11am-5pm) & Sat-Sun (10am-5pm).

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