Readers ask: What Theatre Is Les Mis In London?

What was Sondheim Theatre called?

It opened as the Queen’s Theatre on 8 October 1907, as a twin to the neighbouring Hicks Theatre (now the Gielgud Theatre) which had opened ten months earlier. Both theatres were designed by W. G. R. Sprague. In 2019 the theatre’s name was changed from the Queen’s to the Sondheim Theatre.

What theater is Les Misérables?

Where is Les Misérables playing? Les Mis is currently playing an acclaimed new production hailed as “Les Mis for the 21st Century” at The Sondheim Theatre. It transferred to The Sondheim Theatre (then The Queen’s Theatre) in 2004 after a 19 year run at the Palace Theatre.

Where is Les Misérables London?

Where is Les Misérables playing in London? Les Misérables takes place at Sondheim Theatre. The address for Sondheim Theatre is Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London, W1D 6BA, UK.

How many seats are in the Sondheim Theatre London?

Jon Robyns will play ‘Jean Valjean’, Bradley Jaden ‘Javert’, Gerard Carey ‘Thénardier’, Carrie Hope Fletcher ‘Fantine’, Shan Ako ‘Eponine’, Harry Apps ‘Marius’, Josefina Gabrielle ‘Madame Thénardier’, Ashley Gilmour ‘Enjolras’ and Lily Kerhoas ‘Cosette’.

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What is the longest running stage musical?

The Phantom of the Opera The longest-running show in Broadway history officially opened on January 26, 1988 and is still playing at the Majestic The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical won 7 1988 Tony Awards® including Best Musical.

What does Les Miserable mean in English?

Les Misérables has several shades of meaning in French. Translators say that Victor Hugo’s novel, published in 1862, could just as well be titled The Miserable Ones, The Outcasts, The Wretched Poor, The Victims or The Dispossessed.

What is Les Miserables movie about?

Show begins at 7.30, there’s a fifteen minute interval around 9.00, then the show starts again at 9.15. Curtain down is around 10.30pm. Overall running time, interval included, is three hours.

What do you wear to the 2019 Theatre in London?

What am I allowed to wear to the theatre? The simple answer here is anything. From a casual t-shirt, jeans and trainers to a tuxedo or formal dress, but there are no dress codes at any theatre or opera house in the West End, so you can turn up to the theatre in any clothes and you won’t be turned away.

How long is the Les Mis staged concert?

Prologue. In 1815 in France, a chain gang of prisoners work at hard labor (“Prologue: Work Song”). After 19 years in prison (five for stealing bread for his sister’s starving son and her family, and the rest for trying to escape), Jean Valjean, “prisoner 24601,” is released on parole by the prison guard Javert.

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How long is Les Mis London?

How long is Les Misérables? Les Misérables lasts for two hours and 50 minutes, with a 20-minute interval.

Which West End shows are reopening?

From The Phantom of the Opera to Hamilton, here’s a full list of the shows opening, and reopening, this year.

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