Readers ask: How To Reference A Theatre Performance?

How do you cite a Theatre performance?

Use the following structure to cite a live performance in MLA format: Playwright First Name Last Name. Performance Title. Directed by Director First Name Last Name, Theater Company, Date Seen, Theater Name, City, State.

How do you cite a Theatre performance in MLA?

Format: Title of Play. By Firstname Lastname, directed by Firstname Lastname, Production company, Date of performance, Theater, City.

How do you reference performance art?

Include the title of the work, the creator, any key performers and an indication of their roles, the venue, location, and date of the performance. Italicise the titles of plays, live performance art and long musical works, but enter titles of shorter works in roman type, in quotation marks.

How do you Harvard reference a Play?

Play script

  1. Author.
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title (in italics).
  4. Edition information.
  5. Place of publication: publisher.
  6. Act. Scene: line.

How do I cite a program booklet?

Use the following structure to cite a pamphlet in MLA format: Last name, First name of the author or Organization responsible for the creation of the pamphlet. Title of the Pamphlet. Publisher*, date of publication, URL (remove http:// or https://).

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How do you cite a program?

How to Cite Software in APA Style

  1. Use an individual’s name in the reference if he or she has proprietary rights to the program.
  2. After the title, in brackets, provide a descriptor for the item.
  3. If the software is available online, provide the URL rather than the publisher name and location.

How do you cite a performance video?

To cite a live performance in MLA, use the following format: Title of work. By author or composer’s name, Choreographer, Performer, The ballet company, the theater and location, Date of the performance.

How do you cite a live performance video?

To cite a recorded performance of a play, follow the MLA format template. If you watched the recording on a website, list the website as the container, the name of the site’s publisher–if different from the website’s title–and the URL: Munby, Jonathan, director.

What is MHRA referencing?

MHRA referencing is a style of referencing developed by the Modern Humanities Research Association. It is intended primarily for use in connection with books and journals published by the Association but is also used in a wider context by students.

How do I cite an online concert?

To cite a live concert you will need:

  1. The name of the artist.
  2. The name of the concert tour.
  3. The date, month, and year of the performance.
  4. The name of the venue where the concert took place.
  5. The city and state where the concert took place.

How do you cite lines from a Shakespeare Play?

When citing Shakespeare plays, list the ACT, SCENE, and LINES in parenthetical citations (page numbers are NOT included), separated by periods. Enclose the citation in parentheses. For example: (Macbeth 1.3.

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Do I have to cite to be or not to be?

If you come across the phrase “to be or not to be” and use it in your paper, you should cite it. Whether it’s two words or ten, you have to credit your source any time you use someone else’s words.

How do you quote a Play in an essay Harvard?

Structure: Play author. “Play Title.” Title of book, author(s) or editor(s), publisher, year of publication, page number(s). Example: Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet.

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