Quick Answer: What Does Audio Described Mean In Theatre?

What does it mean if a movie is audio described?

Audio description is commentary that aims to describe body language, expressions and movements to blind or partially sighted audience members, thereby offering additional information about the film through sound. The audio description runs each time the film is shown and is undetectable to anyone not wearing a headset.

Can anyone go to an audio described performance?

In an audio described show, audience members can listen to a description of the visual aspects of the performance described live via a small radio receiver. It allows theatre goers who are vision impaired to sit in most parts of any theatre and fully participate in the performance.

What is audio description?

Audio description is a term used to describe the descriptive narration of key visual elements in a video or multimedia product. This process allows individuals who are blind to access content that is not otherwise accessible simply by listening to the audio.

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How does audio described work?

Audio description is the auditory narration of visual representations such as television programs, films and live performances. During gaps in dialogue, it describes visual elements such as scenes, settings, actions and costumes..

Can you turn off Audio Description?

How do I turn Audio Description off? Turning audio description on/off varies depending on your TV make and model; TVs have different remote controls and Settings menus. Usually the feature can be found in your TV’s Settings menu, under Accessibility. Some makes of TVs have a dedicated button on the remote control.

What is the purpose of Audio Description?

Audio description is an audio track that narrates the relevant visual information in media. Audio description assumes that the viewer cannot see, and therefore depicts the key visual elements that are necessary to understanding the content as an accommodation for blind and low vision viewers.

What is an audio described performance Odeon?

Our audio-described screenings bring the on-screen action to life for our guests with visual impairments. If you have difficulty seeing the screen, just chat to the cinema host at your cinema box off and they’ll give you a set of headphones to wear.

How does Audio Description work in Theatre?

Audio description is a live commentary interspersed with the actors’ dialogue. This is relayed via a headset linked to the infra-red audio system. There is a short ‘programme notes’ session, before the production, which explains the atmosphere, costumes, characters and action.

What’s audio description at Vue?

We offer Audio Description (AD) on a select number of films each week. The normal film soundtrack is broadcast to speakers in the usual way, while a recorded narrator explains what’s happening on screen through personal headphones. Audio described showings will be marked as AD.

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Who benefits from audio description?

Audio descriptions help people with a visual disability (more than seven and a half million adults in the United States alone) as well as students with lesser degrees of vision loss. They can help other students, too. Some people learn better with both audio and visual inputs or are primarily auditory learners.

What is the difference between audio description and original?

Audio Description is an optional narration that describes what is happening on screen, including physical actions, facial expressions, costumes, settings, and scene changes. It is available for most Netflix original titles and many other TV shows and movies.

How do I turn off audio description on my TV?

Select General > then Accessibility. Then Accessibility > to Audio Description. Turn off the Audio Description.

How do I become audio described?

If your TV has accessibility settings, go to those settings and turn on Audio Description. Alternatively, check your remote control for a button with the words Audio, Settings, Options, Smarthub or Language. Press this button and follow the screen instructions to activate/deactivate Audio Description.

Why is ABC audio described?

Audio description (AD) is the auditory narration of a TV program. It describes important visual elements of a television program, movie or performance between lines of dialogue. It is particularly beneficial to people who are blind and vision-impaired.

What is audio described ABC?

Audio Description (AD) now features in a range of ABC TV programmes. AD describes important visual elements of a TV show and is helpful to people who are blind or vision impaired. You can turn it on or off as needed by adjusting the Language, Audio or Accessibility settings on your TV.

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