Question: Where Is Enmore Theatre?

Is Enmore Theatre seated?

It was built in 1908. It is located at 118–132 Enmore Road in Newtown, in the inner west of Sydney’s suburbs. It was first opened in 1912 as a photo-play theatre. The theatre is considered a medium-sized venue that holds 1,700 people when fully seated and 2,500 when seats are removed, and all attendees are standing.

Who owns Enmore Theatre?

The Enmore was sold to the Louis Film Company in 1967 who used it to screen mostly Greek Films for the next few years. During the 80s and 90s it has undergone more renovations and restorations to become less of a cinema and more of a venue catering for live performances such as drama, comedy acts and music concerts.

How old is the Enmore Theatre?

Originally built in 1908 and opened to the public as a photo-play theatre in 1912, The Enmore and the Szarka brothers commenced a succession of sold out performances and remarkable success. The theatre was extensively renovated in 1920 and given a handsome palladium style façade.

What council is Enmore?

Inner West Council Mayor, Darcy Byrne, has confirmed that Enmore Road, including the renowned Greek-owned Enmore Theatre, will become the first ‘Special Entertainment Precinct’ in NSW.

Where is the Genesian Theatre moving to?

One of the oldest community theatre groups in Australia, which is losing its heritage church home of the past 60 years because of a massive $82 million redevelopment of the site, is now to be rehoused in another church across town.

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How many seats does the Enmore Theatre have?

The vouchers can be used at a hefty list of spots — including Dendy Newtown, the Enmore Theatre, Sydney Opera House and the Australian Maritime Museum.

What is the postcode of Enmore?


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