Question: How To Get To The Barbican Theatre?

How do I get to the Barbican?

Barbican Cinema 1 is located within the main Barbican building on Level -2. Head to Level G and walk towards the Lakeside Terrace where you’ll find stairs and lifts to take you down to the venue floor. Barbican Cinema 2 & 3 are located on Beech Street, a short walk from the Barbican’s Silk Street entrance.

What Tube line is Barbican on?

Located on the London Underground’s most heavily travelled section of track, Barbican Railway Station is a tube station served by the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines in the Travelcard Zone 1.

Do you have to book the Barbican?

Admission is free. Tickets for the Conservatory are released one week in advance online on Thursdays at 10am. A limited number of day tickets are released for online booking from 9.30am each day that the Conservatory is open.

Can you walk around Barbican?

I love walking along the elevated walkways around the Barbican on a weekend when there’s barely a soul around. We started our walk from Moorgate tube station, where the surrounding architecture mixes up the old, the good, the bad, the hideous 80s, the ghastly clunky 90s and some easier-on-the-eye modern developments.

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Is the Barbican Centre free?

Admission is free. Tickets for the Conservatory are released one week in advance online on Thursdays at 10am. If you’re unable to attend, please contact [email protected] to return your free tickets.

Are there boxes at the Barbican?

The Barbican Theatre opens around one hour before the show starts. The Box Office opens 90 minutes before the start of performances. The Barbican Centre complex is open from 9am (Monday to Saturday) and 11am (Sunday).

Why is the Barbican called Barbican?

The name of the Barbican comes from the Low Latin word ‘Barbecana’ which referred to a fortified outpost or gateway: an outer defence of a city or castle or any tower situated over a gate or bridge which was used for defence purposes.

Is York Barbican box office open?

Our box offices are currently closed and ticket sales are currently only available in advance online.

Can you have dogs in the Barbican?

Dogs and barbeques are prohibited. Ball games are not allowed on the lawns as there is a children’s play area in the Thomas More Play Area.

What time does the Barbican shut?

Mon & Wed & Fri & Sat & Sun 11am-8pm, Tue & Thu 11am-6pm | daily 11am-8pm (except Tue & Wed until 6pm), Open late every Thu until 10pm | Closed 24th to 26th December.

Where in London is the Barbican Theatre?

The Barbican Theatre is within the greater Barbican Centre complex on Silk Street, away from the main hub of theatre in London’s West End. The Barbican Centre is not just home to the Barbican Theatre, it also hosts art galleries, cinemas, concert halls and dance spaces.

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Where is the York Barbican?

York Barbican

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