Question: How Many Seats Does The Victoria Palace Theatre Have?

Where are the best seats at Victoria Palace Theatre?

Best seats in the front stalls are rows D to P from around 11 to 38. Then choose rows C or R (depending on preference for proximity to the stage versus missing dancing feet). Be aware that rows are not off-set brilliantly to see between those in front.

Where are best seats for Hamilton?

Seats D19/20 and E19/20 are my favourites as you still feel quite close to the stage. Legroom in the upper circle is very tight, but these aisle seats mean you can rotate your legs to the side for comfort during the performance.

Why does Palace Theater have two seats?

Originally named the Royal English Opera House. Until the phenomenal sell-out success of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the theatre had two seats permanently bolted open so the theatre ghosts always had somewhere to sit. These seats were not usuable by the public.

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Does Victoria Palace Theatre have a dress code?

Is there a dress code at the Victoria Palace Theatre? There is no specific dress code for the theatre. Patrons should wear attire that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

Are stalls or royal circle seats better?

As a rule rows 6-8 in the stalls tend to offer the best views. The dress circle – Also sometimes called the Royal Circle, first balcony or mezzanine, the dress circle is the next tier of seating above the stalls. Upper circle seats are usually about the same price as the rear stalls.

What are Grand Circle seats like?

The shape of the Grand Circle is more curved, causing seats towards the ends of the rows to be restricted view. Handrails may also obstruct the view for those in the middle of each row. This problem affects rows A-D. This section provides good overall views of the stage, especially when working on a budget.

Is it better to sit in the orchestra or mezzanine?

Closer up on the sides, close to the aisle, can be better than center orchestra farther back. Mezzanine seating can offer a more panoramic view and, if you’re in the first row or two, you’ll often be closer to the stage than you would have been in the orchestra.

Why Hamilton is so expensive?

Based on this, Hamilton tickets are expensive because there are a lot of people who want to see it. As a result, the demand curve for Hamilton tickets is further to the right than the demand curve for something less in-demand, thus making for higher prices.

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How long is Hamilton in Theatre?

Hamilton runs for 2 hours, 50 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission.

Why do theaters leave a light on the stage?

A ghost light is a single bulb left burning whenever a theatre is dark. Some argue that its function is to chase away mischievous spirits; others insist it lights the way for the ghosts that are said to inhabit virtually every theatre, keeping them happy and contented.

What are the best seats for the cursed child?

The best seats can be found centrally, specifically in rows G-K, as a decent rake allows for good sight-lines without restriction. The worst seats are located at the far ends of rows, particularly in the front three rows, as this cuts off part of the stage.

What are the best seats for Harry Potter play?

If you want the very best seats in the house: The centre areas of the first 6-7 rows in the Stalls, or the first 4-5 rows in the Dress and Grand Circles promise the best views of the entire show. If you want to be up close and personal: Go for seats in the Stalls.

How long is Hamilton in London?

Hamilton has a run time of two hours 45 minutes, including a 15-minute interval.

What is the size of a Theatre stage?

Stage Depth 32 feet from back of curved proscenium. E. Wing Space 28 feet wide, 22 feet high.

What’s on at the Victoria Theatre?

Rock and pop at The Victoria Theatre

  • Frankie’s Guys: A Celebration of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. 17 September 2021. The Johnny Cash Roadshow: From the Ashes Tour.
  • The ELO Experience. 7 October 2021.
  • Northern Live: Do I Love You. 21 October 2021.
  • The Drifters. 4 November 2021.

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