Often asked: Who Went To Sylvia Young Theatre School?

What celebrities went to Sylvia Young school?

Notable alumni include Amy Winehouse, Emma Bunton, Rita Ora, Leona Lewis, Sophie Lawrence, Denise Van Outen, Billie Piper, Kara Tointon, Tom Fletcher, Matt Willis, Vanessa Whyte, Nathan Sykes, Daniella Westbrook, Nicola Stapleton, Dean Gaffney, Letitia Dean, Nicole Appleton, Nick Berry, Samantha Janus, Dani Behr, and

Did Amy Winehouse go to Sylvia Young?

1996 Winehouse is awarded place at Sylvia Young Theatre School, but is later expelled for “not applying herself”. 1998-99 The singer briefly attends BRIT School, and starts writing and performing with jazz band.

How do I get into Sylvia Young?

Applicants need to achieve a good standard academically and be able to cope with a three-day academic week. This arrangement may not suit all applicants. Admission to the school normally takes place at age 10 in year 6 or at age 11 in year 7.

Who went to the Brit School?

Three of the founding members of indie band The Kooks went to The BRIT School. Paul Garred, Luke Pritchard and High Harris all attended and went on to join the band which had a string of hits and are still going strong now (although the line-up of the band has changed in that time!).

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Who went to Italia Conti?

Since then the Conti’s aspiring young thespians have included Noel Coward, Jack Hawkins and Gertrude Lawrence, and more recently Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan, Russell Brand and film and television actor Danny Mays.

Why did Amy Winehouse get expelled?

Winehouse was born to a Jewish family and was raised primarily by her mother, a pharmacist, who divorced her father, a taxicab driver, when Winehouse was nine. Early on she demonstrated an interest in the arts, but she was reportedly expelled from Sylvia Young theatre school for wearing a forbidden nose ring.

When was Amy Winehouse expelled?

At the age of 12, Winehouse was accepted into the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School, and a year later she received her first guitar. But by the age of 16, Winehouse was expelled for “not applying herself” and piercing her nose.

How much does the Brit school cost?

It is free to attend The BRIT School. However, limits on the School’s budget mean that we do need to charge for certain activities, such as non-curriculum visits and peripatetic music tuition.

Is it hard to get into the Brit School?

It’s very competitive – if you want to attend you need to apply and then you will need to be interviewed or audition, depending on the course you would like to study. But it is one of the best school’s in the country for performing arts, so it’s definitely something to consider and learn more about.

Who went to college with Adele?

Did you know that Jessie J and Adele were classmates at this school? Leona Lewis, who is 3 years older, was also their classmate; Lewis attended the school at the same time as Amy Winehouse.

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Who was at Brit school with Adele?

Adele attended the school, as did Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Katie Melua, Amy Winehouse, Ben Thomas (Adele’s guitarist) and Laura Dockrill (Adele’s best friend), among others. Adele auditioned to the BRIT School by singing Stevie Wonder’s “Free” and playing James Rae’s “Tumbledown Blues” on the clarinet.

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