Often asked: Where Is St James Theatre?

What shows have played at the St James Theater NYC?

Notable productions with opening dates

  • Merry Malones (September 26, 1927) – Inaugural Production.
  • Fine and Dandy (September 23, 1930)
  • 1931–33, 1942 and 1951 seasons of Gilbert and Sullivan.
  • Thumbs Up! ( December 27, 1934)
  • Native Son (March 24, 1941)
  • Oklahoma! (
  • Where’s Charley? (
  • The King and I (March 29, 1951)

How old is the St James Theater?

The St. James Theatre opened in 1927 as Erlanger’s Theatre, named for booking agent Abraham Erlanger.

Where is the stage door at St James Theater?

James Theatre. The stage door is to your left as you exit the theater’s front entrance and is marked. Be aware that if you exit out of the long corridor onto the street, the stage door is immediately to your left.

How many seats are in the St James Theater in New York?

With a capacity of 1,710 seats, the St. James Theatre is a perfect venue for extravagant and high-octane musicals. Its seating chart is split across an Orchestra, Mezzanine and Balcony, with premium seating in the front rows of the Orchestra and row A of the Center Mezzanine.

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How big is the St. James Theatre?

The St. James Theatre has 1,710 seats and is one of Jujamcyn Theaters’ five Broadway theatres.

How many seats are in the Walter Kerr Theater?

With a capacity of 975 seats, the Walter Kerr Theatre is a smaller venue. Its seating chart is spread across the Orchestra, Mezzanine and a small Balcony where views can be quite steep and restricted.

How long is David Byrne’s American utopia?

The show runs approximately 2 hours 20 minutes. There is no intermission.

When was Springsteen on Broadway?

Ideally, attend the stage door on a different day to the actual show that you attend, so you can be first in line. Otherwise, leave the theatre right after bows. If you spend time talking to others or looking around the theatre after the show, you may lose your chance to meet the actors or get your playbill signed.

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