Often asked: When Was The Minack Theatre Built?

Why was Minack Theatre built?

The theatre was the brain child of Rowena Cade, who moved to Cornwall after the First World War and built a house for herself and her mother on land at Minack Point for £100. Her sister was the feminist dystopian author Katharine Burdekin and her partner lived with them from the 1920s.

How was Minack Theatre built?

Built by Hand The Minack wasn’t built using diggers and heavy machinery, Rowena and her helpers worked largely with hand tools (and the occasional stick of dynamite) to shape the theatre we see today. She described how they cut up the rocks and manhandled them to make the first terraces on the steep cliff-side.

Who created the Minack Theatre?

The Minack was built into the granite cliffs of Porthcurno 86 years ago by Rowena Cade, a wealthy, stage-struck gentry woman from Derbyshire, and her faithful gardener, Billy Rawlings. What they created was nothing less than a Roman amphitheatre, though smaller in scale.

Who owns Minack House?

Rowena Cade, recently moved to Cornwall, had bought Minack headland (Cornish for ‘rocky place’) for the princely sum of £100 and built Minack House for her and her mother to live in. Entertainment in those days being a do-it-yourself affair, family and friends put on follies and plays to entertain one another.

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Can you see the Minack Theatre without paying?

The small museum explaining the theater’s history was packed like the London Tube during morning rush with barely any room to move, let alone get close enough to have a good look at the displays. Note that you can walk down to the beach for free and see the exterior of the theatre without paying to go inside.

Is Minack Theatre open?

What is open? The theatre auditorium and the gardens are all open to the public. The Rowena Cade Exhibition is also open (this is an indoor space where social distancing will apply). The theatre toilets will also be open.

Can you get married at the Minack Theatre?

The theater is available for events during the rest of the year, including weddings.

How many people can the Minack Theatre seat?


How far is lizard from Minack?

The distance between The Lizard and Minack Theatre is 21 miles. The road distance is 31.9 miles.

Is Rowena Cade still alive?

Dogs are welcome during visiting hours, but we regret that no dogs other than guide dogs will be admitted to performances. For daytime storytelling events dogs on leads are permitted at the top of the theatre only.

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