Often asked: What Theatre Is The Bodyguard At?

Where is the bodyguard musical showing?

The Bodyguard, the award-winning musical based on the smash-hit film, will re-open at the Dominion Theatre, starring Beverley Knight as Rachel Marron.

Is The Bodyguard a jukebox musical?

The stage adaptation of The Bodyguard makes several changes – the most notable one being the inclusion of Whitney songs that were not featured in the original film, resulting in the show being not just a stage adaptation of the film, but also a Whitney Houston jukebox musical.

When was The Bodyguard tour?

– 19. 1994.

Are they remaking the bodyguard?

The Bodyguard, the hit 1992 movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, is getting a remake. Tony nominated playwright, Matthew Lopez, has been hired by Warner Bros to write a screenplay. There is no director attached to the film at this time.

Who stars in The Bodyguard Musical?

Meet the Cast

  • Alexandra Burke. Rachel Marron. READ BIOGRAPHY.
  • Jennlee Shallow. Alternate Rachel Marron. READ BIOGRAPHY.
  • Gary Turner. Sy Spector. READ BIOGRAPHY.
  • Craig Berry. Tony.
  • Phil Atkinson. The Stalker.
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Who was the singer in The Bodyguard?

The album’s first side (in its original LP and cassette formats) features songs recorded by American singer Whitney Houston, who starred in the film, while side two features the work of various artists.

Who was the little boy in The Bodyguard?

DeVaughn Nixon first came to popular attention with his role in the romantic thriller “The Bodyguard” in 1992, playing the son of Whitney Houston’s character.

Who has played the female lead in The Bodyguard?

The six-part drama stars Keeley Hawes as Home Secretary Julia Montague and Richard Madden as the bodyguard assigned for her protection.

Is Alexandra Burke in Bodyguard?

New tour casting has been announced for The Bodyguard. From 12 November 2019, joining Alexandra Burke as Rachel Marron will be Ben Lewis as Frank Farmer, Emmy Willow as Nicki Marron and Neil Reidman as Bill Devaney.

Who played Rachel Marron sister in The Bodyguard?

The Bodyguard (1992) – Michele Lamar Richards as Nicki – IMDb.

Who played Whitney Houston on stage in The Bodyguard?

Deborah Cox is getting ready to hit the road. PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that the 42-year-old Grammy nominee is stepping into Whitney Houston’s shoes, taking on the late singer’s iconic role of Rachel Marron in the national tour of The Bodyguard.

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