Often asked: What Is On In Harrogate Theatre?

How many does the Harrogate Theatre seating?

Built in 1900 Harrogate Theatre is a typical example of a late Victorian proscenium arch venue built over five floors. The building contains two purpose built performance spaces, which are a mid-scale proscenium arch theatre with a playing space of approximately 90 square metres and a seating capacity of 500.

Who owns Harrogate?

Harrogate Theatre is managed by Harrogate (White Rose) Theatre Trust Ltd, registered charity No.

How old is Harrogate?

Harrogate Theatre was built in 1900 and is located in central Harrogate. It has two performance spaces (one mid-scale and one studio), which allow for producing and presenting theatre, dance, music and comedy.

Is there parking at Harrogate Convention Centre?

The Convention Centre has its own car park with around 158 spaces and a number of spaces for Blue Badge holders. You will also find another 1200 spaces at Jubilee and Victoria car parks in the centre of Harrogate and just a few minutes’ walk from the Convention Centre and Royal Hall.

Who designed Harrogate Theatre?

History. The Harrogate Grand Opera House was designed by architect Frank Tugwell, whose other work includes the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough and the Savoy Theatre in London. The building opened on 13 January 1900 with a charity performance for soldiers fighting in the Boer War.

Is Harrogate posh?

Harrogate. A no-brainer. If someone uses the words ‘ posh ‘ and ‘Yorkshire’ in a sentence they’re probably talking about Harrogate. Income-wise it was well within the £30k area and often above £36k.

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