Often asked: What Is Frantic Theatre?

What is Frantic Assembly physical theatre?

Frantic Assembly are an internationally renowned physical theatre company. One of the most studied theatre companies, Frantic have an inimitable style and have long delighted our audiences with their bold, collaborative and dynamic approach.

What is frantic assembly drama?

Frantic Assembly creates thrilling, energetic and unforgettable theatre. The company attracts new and young audiences with work that reflects contemporary culture. Vivid and dynamic, Frantic Assembly’s unique physical style combines movement, design, music and text.

What do Frantic Assembly believe about theatre?

Frantic Assembly believes theatre is an activity for all and promotes diversity and access across all of its activities.

What are the aims of Frantic Assembly?

It is about the ethos of collaboration, of empowerment, of that constant desire to improve. It is about telling stories in a voice we don’t always hear and about finding talent in places we don’t always look.

What companies use physical Theatre?

13 Innovative Physical Theater Companies

  • Au Ments Dansa Teatre (Mallorca, Spain)
  • Chicago Physical Theater (Chicago)
  • Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, Mass.)
  • DV8 Physical Theatre (London)
  • Frantic Assembly (London)
  • Out of Balanz (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • PUSH Physical Theatre (Rochester, N.Y.)
  • SITI Company (NYC)
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What techniques are used in physical Theatre?

Physical theatre techniques

  • Mime – This usually means stylised movement but can be comparatively realistic.
  • Gesture – A gesture may be something small but can have emotional impact or it can be a particular movement that defines a character.

What is frantic method?

The Frantic Method is approaching devising as a series of tasks, each broken down into building blocks. This is designed to establish progress from the simplest discoveries. Performers are encouraged to take a moment back to its simplest truth and build from there.

What is the frantic assembly method?

What is ‘The Frantic Method’: It is approaching devising as a series of tasks, broken down into building blocks. Encouraging performers to take a moment back to its simplest truth. Then using those building blocks to empowered them to find and create.

What methods do Frantic Assembly use?

frantic assembly techniques

  • listening and looking/ spatial awareness. Actors walk around in different environments eg icy road, desert or tightrope.
  • Focus and observation. Leader calls out commands.
  • This helps build a character,and determine the characters emotions and motivations.
  • Non naturalistic.
  • Music.

Who has influenced Frantic Assembly?

Background. Frantic Assembly was formed by students of Swansea University in 1994. None of the three studied drama, but were inspired by theatre and wanted to create their own unique company.

What is fluff picking?

Activity 2: Fluff picking This is an incredibly simple task that involves picking imaginary bits of fluff, dust, whatever, off the clothes of a partner.

What is round by through?

Round-By-Through This technique of Frantic’s requires the actor/actress to have full attention on what the commander (teacher/director) is directing, through four simple commands and how these movements are portrayed through different paces.

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Who started Frantic Assembly?

Frantic Assembly was founded in 1994 by Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett and Vicki Middleton. “We were three students at Swansea University. We were suddenly inspired and then encouraged to form our own theatre company. This reckless and terrifying leap was the best thing we ever did.

How are frantic Assembly funded?

Frantic Assembly is funded as a small-scale touring theatre company which makes work for theatres of approximately 150-500 seats. We receive revenue funding from Arts Council England but once we have paid our basic overheads, such as salaries and office expenses, we don’t have very much left to make work!

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