Often asked: Vampyr How Do I Get Into The Theatre?

How do I get to Doris Fletcher?

As the front door was locked, you need get to the back of theatre, teleport to high level and go into Doris Fletcher’s Acting School, EXP +230. Find Suicide Note on table. You are on 3rd floor, after take out a L28 Skal, you can find Old Doris Fletcher’s Diary on a table.

How do you get to Pandora’s box Vampyr?

The access point is on the right-hand side of the stage and through a door. Important: Do not read the diary once you’ve unlocked the safe. This will negate the reward Talltree will give you for completing the Pandora’s Box investigation.

What is the best weapon in Vampyr?

Surgical Hacksaw. I have mentioned these weapons several times already – they are one-handed, powerful weapons that can be found on the first floor of the Pembroke Hospital. The saw has a high attack speed and decent durability.

What should I do with Doris Fletcher?

You have to focus on attacking the woman -> it’s best to do it after her attacks. Skals aren’t worth worrying about, because they will die sooner or later in the vortex of the battle. Firearms and a powerful shotgun are also good for this fight.

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Should you turn Edgar Vampyr?

Turn him – this is an interesting choice. You save Edgar, though he’ll be turned into a vampire. The man re-appears in the hospital the next night, and the district’s health will be reduced. On the other hand, you condemn your friend to the fate of a vampire and eternity devoted to dilemmas.

What happens if you read the personal notebook Vampyr?

Found in safe at Doris Fletcher’s Acting School. Read it will unlock Usher Talltree Hint #3. Read it will also cause lost The Origin of the Brotherhood.

What does old blood do in Vampyr?

Old Blood. A special type of serum called Old Blood can be received by Usher Talltree if Reid has not embraced any citizens by the time they meet, or by embracing him. When used, it fully replenishes health and blood and stamina will regenerate almost instantly for several seconds. It cannot be crafted.

Can you complete Vampyr without killing anyone?

By choosing not to kill anyone in Vampyr, you’ ll be able to unlock the “Not Even Once” achievement. The pacifist route is certainly the hardest way to beat Vampyr, as it’ll take you longer to accrue XP and level up. Despite this, it’s definitely possible to beat Vampyr without killing a single NPC.

Can you get different outfits in Vampyr?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your character’s clothes or outfits at any point in Vampyr.

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