Often asked: Chichester Festival Theatre How Many Seats?

What type of stage is the Chichester Festival Theatre?

When Chichester Festival Theatre opened in 1962, it was Britain’s first modern thrust stage theatre.

Is Chichester Theatre air conditioned?

The windows are double–glazed, and both the new and old sections of the building have been thermally insulated. But the biggest change is in the heating and air–conditioning of the building – which uses water drawn from 50m to 100m below the theatre in a ground source heat pump system.

Is Chichester Festival Theatre a charity?

Chichester Festival Theatre is a registered charity (Charity No. 1088552) and we rely on the generosity of individuals, companies and charitable foundations to make all of our work, on stage and off, happen.

Is Chichester affluent?

Chichester has the most affluent ACORN profile of the 5 Towns + Chichester; it is dominated by Affluent Greys and has strong representation of Wealthy Executives (the most affluent of all the lifestyle groups). Overall Chichester’s market position is predominantly mid market.

Is Chichester nice place to live?

Voted by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the South East in 2020, Chichester is a cathedral city abundant in history and culture. With a flourishing cultural scene, trendy bars and restaurants, plenty of shops and the Goodwood Estate nearby, Chichester is a prestigious place to call your home.

Is Chichester a town?

Chichester, city, Chichester district, administrative county of West Sussex, historic county of Sussex, southern England. It lies on the coastal plain of the English Channel at the foot of the chalk South Downs about 1 mile (1.6 km) from the head of Chichester Harbour, with which it is connected by canal.

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