How To Display Theatre Tickets?

How do you show gig tickets?

10 creative ways to show off your old concert tickets

  1. Ticket Stub Album. [Photo via Pinterest] Many people like to preserve their photos within albums, so why not do the same with those old concert tickets?
  2. Shadow Box.
  3. Ornament.
  4. Artwork.
  5. Fancy Footwork.
  6. Photo frame.
  7. Concert-loving Coffee Table.
  8. Letter Rock ‘n Roll.

How do I keep my ticket stubs?

10 DIY ideas for your old ticket stubs

  1. Create an accessory. [Photo credit: LovelyMiss/]
  2. Make a scrapbook. [Photo credit: Pinterest]
  3. Create a shadowbox. [Photo credit: Pinterest]
  4. Make a keepsake journal. [Photo credit: Pinterest]
  5. Magnetize them.
  6. Design some wall art.
  7. Give old furniture a pick-me-up.
  8. Fill a lamp.

How do I turn my ticket stubs into art?

20 DIY Ticket Stub Arts & Crafts Ideas

  1. Build the most epic shrine in honor of your favorite artist.
  2. Create a useful accessory.
  3. Make a scrapbook with pics and tix.
  4. Create a shadowbox.
  5. Bake a cake.
  6. Make a keepsake journal/diary.
  7. Put your ticket stubs on display in a memory jar.
  8. Frame your tickets.

What are ticket stubs?

Definitions of ticket stub. a torn part of a ticket returned to the holder as a receipt. synonyms: stub.

What is a ticket stub diary?

Product details. This handy journal is just the ticket for preserving and showing off tickets saved from sporting events, museum openings, rock concerts, and more. The roomy sleeves store tickets of all shapes and sizes, and lined margins provide space to (new art enclosed) jot down notes about the events.

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How do you keep ticket stubs from fading?

krylon has a spray called make it acid free it neutralizes the acid in the ticket stubs to keep them from fading and yellowingnot sure if that is what your looking for or not Shop around for Archival Spray.

How do you preserve old concert tickets?

9 Ways to Turn Old Concert Ticket Stubs Into Something Awesome

  1. Magnets. Use paper glaze to cover the ticket and apply super glue to the back of the ticket so it can stick on a magnet, easy as that!
  2. Put them into a clear lamp.
  3. Turn them into fabric for a pillow.
  4. Picture frames.
  5. Coffee table.
  6. Scrapbook.
  7. Coasters.
  8. Book marks.

Are old concert ticket stubs worth anything?

If you’ve already been having fun keeping your old ticket stubs, then you’re probably aware that vintage concert tickets have also become a commodity. Unused tickets are usually more valuable than stubs, but if the stub shows the band’s name, venue, and date, then they’re just as collectible.

Do you get to keep concert tickets?

Unlike other online products like clothing or gadgets, there is no ‘cooling off’ period with tickets for events. You can’t change your mind, even if it is due to illness, or concerns you may have about Covid, unless it is specifically permitted by the organiser.

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