FAQ: What The Butler Saw Curve Theatre?

What the Butler Saw Leicester?

What the Butler Saw was Orton’s final play, completed just a month before his untimely death. This Made At Curve production, directed by Nikolai Foster, was performed 50 years since the death of the celebrated Leicester playwright.

What the Butler Saw 2017?

What The Butler Saw was Orton’s final play and was completed one month before his death in 1967. Directed by Nikolai Foster in 2017 the farce was a co-production between Curve Leicester and Theatre Royal Bath to mark the 50th anniversary of the playwright’s death.

What the Butler Saw analysis?

As the title suggests, What the Butler Saw (1969) is a peepshow, in which the audience are voyeurs seeing into an anarchic universe, which exposes the greed, sexuality and violence lying under the surface of middle-class British life. In Bergson’s terms, this play is a ‘snowball farce’.

Why is it called What the Butler Saw?

The title suggests a saucy sex comedy through allusion to the seaside slot machines that permitted a viewer to furtively watch a woman undress, like a butler peering through the keyhole of a bedroom door. At the same time, the title implies a working-class view of the upper class.

What the Butler Saw running time?

The glory of Orton’s final play, What the Butler Saw, is that over the course of just two hours it descends from the pristine order of the psychiatric clinic – magnificently realised in Michael Taylor’s circular set design – into an anarchy of bloodied bodies, straitjackets and guns.

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What the Butler Saw machines?

What the Butler Saw is a mutoscope reel, and an early example of erotic films dating from the early 1900s. The film was seen by depositing a coin in a freestanding viewing machine, which then freed a hand-crank on the side which was turned by the viewer.

What the Butler Saw themes?

But in What the Butler Saw, set in a psychiatrist’s private clinic, Orton brings together themes that troubled and intrigued him – mental health, sexuality, identity, sex equality – and eerily points to both the darkness in his personal life and the tragedy that would come.

What the Butler Saw Stageagent?

What the Butler Saw, Joe Orton’s final play, is an intensely funny farce set in the sexually charged private clinic of psychiatrist, Dr. Prentice. As the play opens, Dr. Prentice is interviewing the young, attractive Geraldine Barclay to be his new secretary.

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