FAQ: How To Apply Stage Makeup For Theatre?

What is the first thing you put on for stage makeup?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Applying Basic Stage Makeup. Wash your face thoroughly, taking extra care to exfoliate. Follow with a toner, and moisturize afterward to create a clean, smooth base for your makeup. Apply your foundation in a color that both matches and evens out your skin tone.

What do you need for stage makeup?

Makeup Elements

  1. Base (Foundation, Cake Makeup, or Cream)
  2. Cream Contouring Colors (Slightly Darker Shades than Base Foundation)
  3. Rouge (blush)
  4. Setting Powder.
  5. Eye Liners.
  6. Lip Liners.
  7. Eye Colors (Creams as well as Powders)
  8. Lipsticks or Lip Colors.

What makeup should I wear on stage?

Opt for waterproof cream foundations, which do well under stage lights. You can also use a cake makeup, which is formulated for the stage. Try to avoid creamy formulas, since they don’t have a lot of staying power. These can fade fast, leaving you with dark lip liner and pale lips.

What are the six steps in applying makeup?

How to Apply Stage Makeup

  1. Step 1: Foundation. Start by evening out the complexion by correcting any blemishes, dark circles, etc.
  2. Step 2: Highlight & Contour.
  3. Step 3: Blush.
  4. Step 4: Eyes and Eyebrows.
  5. Step 5: Lips.
  6. Step 6: Powder.
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What is basic stage makeup?

Basic stage makeup usually means a neutral eye palette, but if you’re playing a dramatic or colorful role, consider using brighter eyeshadow colors instead. Choose a light, medium, and dark variation of the same color and apply the eyeshadow the same way you’d apply neutrals.

What is the difference between stage makeup and regular makeup?

The differences between the two aren’t as vast as one might think. Stage makeup is meant to be heavier, both in texture and pigment. Stage makeup should be noticed and is intended to be part of the costume on stage; while everyday makeup is intended more for the background and should blend in to one’s natural features.

How long does stage makeup last?

Anything cream-based (foundation, blush or shadows) last from about 12 to 18 months. Since they contain oil, they tend to break down faster than powder formulas, which can last about two years.

What do you call theatrical makeup?

Stagecraft – Theatrical makeup | Britannica.

How do I get better at stage makeup?

How to Apply Stage Makeup for Theater?

  1. (1) Face Prep. Wash your face thoroughly taking extra care to exfoliate.
  2. (2) Add foundation.
  3. (3) Apply blush.
  4. (4) Eye Shadow.
  5. (5) Apply eyeliner.
  6. (6) Applying lip liner and lipstick.
  7. (7) Set the stage makeup.
  8. (8) Apply Mascara.

How can I look pretty on stage?

Here are 7 really simple tricks you can use to look amazing next time you’re on stage.

  1. Add some sparkle.
  2. Don’t wear black.
  3. Highlight your cheekbones.
  4. Wear extra make-up.
  5. Wear a costume not just an outfit.
  6. Wear pantyhose without any sheen.
  7. Don’t go too heavy on the black eyeliner.
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What type of makeup enhances an actor’s appearance?

Beauty and “street” makeup employ cosmetics such as foundation, contouring powders, mascara, and lip and cheek color to enhance or correct an actor’s features.

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